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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Last week, we started a new sermon series, Sermon on the Mount. This Sunday, Adi Tilford, Educator, Writer, and Speaker, joins us with a message on anger. Some scripture feels so completely hard to live out. When we choose to carry anger around, it is bound to show up in the way we live and treat people and that makes it judgable by God. Thankfully, we have Jesus. Jesus who faced the harshest anger. He faced it because He lived out love. Jesus' examples are a starting point for us. And when we say Yes! to trying to follow Jesus’ creative examples provided in the teaching we are saying Yes! to being set apart, a holy people. We are gonna get angry. But it doesn’t have to end there. 

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Scripture Readings:

- Psalm 30 (NRSV) read by Josh James, Contemporary Worship Leader

- Matthew 5:21-26 (NIV) read by Adi Tilford; Educator, Writer, & Speaker

BibleProject Resource: How is Anger the Same as Murder?

Teaching on a metaphor for God's ultimate judgement referenced in this Sunday's message.

sermon on the mount

current sermon series

In this sermon series, we are looking at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount; a sermon that began with the Beatitudes. This particular “sermon” – which Jesus may have preached/taught in part or in whole numerous times – has inspired leaders inside and outside the Church for centuries. There was more written about the Sermon on the Mount than any other passage of scripture in the Early Church’s first couple centuries.

The particulars of “the road Jesus wants us to walk on” and the way of life Jesus said was “Blessed” is spelled out in the challenging details of this sermon. Jesus is essentially saying this is where “the rubber meets the road” when it comes to loving God and loving people well.


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Resource: BibleProject Sermon on the Mount Video Series

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