SUNDAY'S sermon

Sunday, June, 4, 2023

Communion Sunday

This week, TJ Dickerson, Young Life Regional Director and Elder at First Presbyterian Church, joins us with a look at an interchange Jesus had with "The rich, young ruler" found in Mark 10. This young man, who longs for eternal life and wants to be sure he is doing all the right things to get it, asked some important questions to Jesus. In the process, the rich, young man missed something...missed Jesus' look. We too, often miss this look, God's look of love He has for each one of us. Let’s not pass by too quickly on what Jesus offers. 

Printed Sermon

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:17-22 (NIV) 

Communion led by Sally Henry


Changes to online service

This summer, the format of our online service will be different than what it has been. In addition to being briefer with a welcome, scripture reading, sermon and a farewell benediction, the scripture reading and sermon will be recorded during our Sunday morning in-person 9:30 service instead of being pre-recorded.  Since we will be recording during in-person services on Sundays, this will impact the time the online service becomes available.  Instead of being available on Friday, our online service will now be posted and available on the Monday following Sunday in-person services.  


With these changes, the online service will look and feel different, especially if you are into the rhythm of how things have been done. For some of you, we understand this is the way you experience FPC and you’re not able to come in person anymore or as much.  These changes may be better, or they may be worse. With that in mind, we would LOVE your feedback – what you like, what you miss, your thoughts on the way the sermon is filmed, anything you would like to share.  To reach us, you can call the office and ask to speak with Angeline Norman, John Howard, Janet Young or Josh James. Another option is to send us an email via our Contact Page on our website.  Either way you choose, we would be grateful for your help in this way as at the end of the summer, we plan to evaluate the online service and what it may look like in the future.   

summer 2023

During Pastor Tom’s sabbatical this summer, we are excited to host a number of guest preachers to cover preaching while he is gone. Most of the preachers have spoken here before so may be familiar to many.

We will also host two special concerts this summer.  Music at First Pres Concert Choir will present “A Song for Every Season” on Sunday, June 11 at 9:00 & 11:00 am. The concert will close this year’s choir season and feature sacred songs and classics of many styles. On July 2 at 9:00 and 11:00 am, Music at First Praise Band will present “Freedom” featuring music relating to our freedom in Christ and freedom in our nation. These concerts will be in place of our normal worship schedule.

We look forward to worshiping and growing with you this summer. Enjoy your family time away, but if you’re in town, plan on joining us to hear messages from God’s Word given by gifted speakers and dear friends of our church.

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