SUNDAY'S sermon

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Communion Sunday

Over the next 9 weeks – leading right up to the Christmas Season – we are going to take a look at three particular words in our mission statement - Rooted, Growing and Branching Out - to more clearly understand from scripture what we mean when we declare our mission AND try to live it out. As we look at being “Rooted”, I’d like to wrap “Firmly-Planted” around it. Part of what being “Rooted” signifies is being Firmly-Planted. Worse case scenario being “rooted” or “Firmly-Planted” means we are arrogant, inflexible separatists who won’t budge even when Christ calls us to follow Him into the messiness of people’s lives. Being “Rooted/Firmly-Planted in Jesus,” means we are faithful and steadfast to the ways and will of God without wavering – as was Jesus. IT is about strength and vitality based on connection to a life-giving source, more than a position of superiority or an unbudging location. 

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Scripture Readings:

- Psalm 1 (NRSV) by Josh James, Contemporary Worship Leader

- Luke 8:4-15 (NRSV) by Tom Hansen, Senior Pastor

Communion lead by Tom Hansen

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