Sunday's Message

Taking Our Temperature
Winter 2021 Sermon Series

Are we biblical? God’s Word calls us to submit our wills and obey the God who inspired and guided the crafting of His Word. It becomes very difficult for a church to be a church without some agreement on where its marching orders and mission come from. All who have submitted to the Lordship of Christ and recognize their need for a Savior do so, at some level, with the belief that God’s Word contains truth coming from outside ourselves; a truth revealed by God, who leads us. Here at FPC we say that being Biblical is a foundational value. Let's take our temperature.

In Journey Through the Bible, we are learning about Isaiah. Ms. Tasha again reminds us that God wants us to “make good choices”. 

Sermon and Children's Sermon by Tom Hansen, Senior Pastor
Scripture reading and Time of Prayer by Jason Emberger, Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries
Music by John Howard, Director of Music & Worship Arts
January 17, 2021

Matthew 7:24-27 - Philippians 4:8-9

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