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Altar-ed Christmas
Advent 2020 Sermon Series

Altar-ed Christmas: Zechariah
Sermon and scripture reading by Jason Emberger, Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries
Children's Sermon by Tom Hansen, Senior Pastor
Music by John Howard, Director of Music & Worship Arts 
November 29, 2020

Usually, when we think of Advent and Christmas, we experience feelings of excitement, joy, peace, hope, love, and anticipation. But what about weariness, discouragement, fear, and disappointment? Feelings that we may be experiencing a bit more this year. As we enter into this season of Advent, we might be surprised to find that a lot of these same very feelings and emotions surround the very first Advent season. This week as we look at Zechariah’s story, we see a forgotten prayer answered and a long-ago promise fulfilled and are reminded that God is faithful to His promises and hears our prayers.

Stay tuned following the service for this week's Journey Through the Bible!

Luke 1:1-24

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