Sunday's Message

Sermon Series: Simon Says
Spring 2020

"Simon Says: Lead Humbly" 
Sermon and scripture reading by Tom Hansen, Senior Pastor
Children's Sermon by Tasha Haley, Children's Ministry Assistant
Prayer of Confession and Communion led by Jason Emberger, Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries
Music by John Howard, Director of Music and Worship Arts, 
Joshua Sherman, Contemporary Worship Leader and Tina Emberger, Praise Band Member
June 7, 2020

Oh how we need leadership!  This week's message is the last in the sermon series, Simon Says, where Simon speaks about leadership. And though some of what Simon Says applies directly to good leadership in our larger, national and global context, Simon was writing to The Church and it is important that we apply these words to ourselves and like Peter, start with The Church, it's leadership, and the paramount importance of humility.

1 Peter 5:1-14

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IJM Race to Rescue
Andrew Hansen and Jason Emberger completed their Liberty for Liberty race on Saturday, June 6 as part of IJM's Race to Rescue. Thank you to everyone who supported them in raising funds to rescue those unsafe in lockdown.  If you didn't have a chance yet, there is still time to support either one of them by visiting:

Check out photos of them at the finish of their race.  Stay tuned for more stories/information in the coming week.

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