Values at FPC

Foundational Values (who we hope to be)
Christ-Centered - Christ is the firm foundation upon which we build our lives.  As we focus on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we see more clearly God's plan for us to be forgiven and reconciled to Him.  When we are influenced by external and internal factors, it is Christ through the Holy Spirit who calls us back to His way, His truth, and His life.

Mission Minded/Missional - God calls us to action.  As we strengthen one another in the body of Christ, we seek to become God's hands, feet, and voice in our community and world.

Loving - God calls us to love as He loves:  unconditionally, patiently, and graciously.  As His followers, we believe that loving God and loving others in genuine and consistent ways is more important than worldly success.

Biblical - We believe all scripture is the inspired Word of God that dynamically bears witness to Christ and points us in His direction.  Both Old and New Testaments tell the grand story of who God is and who we are called to be.  We seek not only to understand God's Word, but to be transformed in our everyday lives through prayer and study.

Ministry Values (how we strive to do ministry)
Relational - God calls us to leave behind our isolated lives and covenant with others in Christian community.  As deep-rooted relationships develop, we engage more fully with God; who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Creative - With innovation and energy, we carry out mission and ministry in ways which touch the heart, soul, and mind.  Using multiple methods, we communicate the unchanging biblical message in an ever-changing world.

Effective Leadership - God calls men and women to be His servant leaders and works through them to help others discover their God-given potential.  We encourage leaders to become enthusiastic, thoughtful, and adventurous.  We are committed to recognizing, developing, and equipping people to carry out ministries that bear fruit for God's glory.

Gift Based Ministry - By grace, the Holy Spirit gives each follower of Christ differing abilities to be used in God's service.  We believe everyone has a purpose which only he or she can fulfill.  As believers, we use our talents and work together to carry out God's mission.